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Toners remanufactured by B.M.Sales Bt. are 100% quality tested products remanufactured with excellent quality parts. Quality is important for our company. Before every delivery we thoroughly test our products. According to our latest inspection our error margin was 0,01% - this number speaks for itself.

These are made with the OEM parts that are cleaned and replaced if necessary.
The empty cartridges can be re-used more than once, and this way you can help preserve the environment. Apart from this the remanufacturing also creates workplaces that helps the local economy. These cartridges provide excellent quality prints for the fraction of the price of the OEM cartridges.

- Affordable
- Environmental friendly
- Helps local economy

These cartridges are not made by OEM providers.
The clone cartridges only strive for the low prices and not for the good quality. They use cheaper materials during the manufacturing and this causes bad quality prints and errors, like low picture density. There are studies that show that these cartridges contain chloroform. Apart from these the clone cartridges are not reusable or remanufacturable, this way they end up in the waste.
If the price is too good to be true, you probably dealing with a clone cartridge.
- Cheap quality
- Frequent print errors
- not environmental friendly

Did you know?
Most clone cartridges violates the OEM manufacturers right of property. Lawsuits are frequent in the clone industry. 
We remanufacture cartridges that respect the property rights.
Say no to clones!

In 2015 our company has earned the Trustworty Company 2015 Certification. This certification is only earned by those firms, which operate a reliable business policy according to the opinion of customers and business partners. It is based on such innovativ informatic examination, that considers solely the opinion of the customers.
The certification proves our honesty policy towards customers and our ethical and fair company leading mechanism.

Our company grants a 2 year guarantee for the toners that are remanufactured by us and used according to purpose. In case a customer has any problem with our product, after an inspection we guarantee to replace it or discount its price at the next transaction according to the customer’s wish. To inspect it please send the product back to us. In case of a justifiable complaint we will pay back the price of the delivery.
If after inspection the product operates without error or it was damaged due to reasons that were not caused by our company (error of customer’s printer, damaged, badly displaced closing... etc.) we do not replace or pay back the sum of transaction. The product will be delivered on the customer’s own cost.
All brand names, trademarks and OEM part numbers are property of their respective holders and for descriptive purposes only.


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